January 2016

It’s January 1, a brand new year, a brand new start! New goals, or perhaps re-vamped goals, new challenges and new opportunities!

Have you decided what your 2016 is going to look like?  Do you have a dream that you want to pursue? Do you know what makes you tick? Do you know your passion and purpose? .............

February 2016

Did you know that there are over 900,000 women entrepreneurs in Canada? We make up the largest share of the self-employed than in any other country. Most are mompreneurs. Women wanting to stay home with the kids but still feeling a "need or a have to" to bring income into the household. And then there are the old birds like myself who've left traditional JOBS, Corporate positions, or unfulfilling businesses to pursue new opportunities that we are passionate about.......

March 2016 

No one wakes up one morning and decides they don’t want to be successful.  Nor, does anyone wake up another morning and boom – they are a success!

We’ve all heard these points before, but It Just Makes Sense, to refresh our minds and evaluate where we need work.

Seven Basics of Success are......

No Ordinary Tradeshow